Mexico Hunts

Big Game Hunting in Mexico

There’s nothing quite like hunting south of the border in Mexico. For many, this is the most looked-forward-to hunt of the year. Over the last 12 years, we’ve curated a number of outstanding private ranch leases specifically for their hunt opportunity and trophy potential. We manage each of these properties, in careful coordination with the ranch owners, for trophy potential.

We specialize in the highest quality Coues Deer hunts available. All of our leases are in the northern half of Sonora and Chihuahua. Each year we harvest trophy class Coues deer in excess of 120″, with the aggregate average well over 100″, and have 100% opportunity on these hunts for Coues deer.

We hunt both the desert and mountain regions of the state of Sonora, and have premier hunting properties in both areas. Our low desert Coues deer hunts are conducted in Northern Sonora, on vast expanses of the Sonoran Desert. Our mountain Coues deer properties are in eastern Sonora, from the town of Magdalena de Kino, to the Sierra Madre Occidental. Most ranches are 1-3 hours from the border crossing. All our trips originate in Tucson or Green Valley, AZ.

We have a very limited number of Mule deer tags available each year. These hunts are conducted on the vast mesquite flats of Northern Sonora, for mature Desert Mule Deer.

We offer Gould’s turkey hunts in the both Sonora and Chihuahua. These high success hunts are typically for two trophy Toms. These are big, hard gobbling, hard charging Turkeys, and a hunting experience unlike any other.

In Northern Chihuahua, we’ll take you climbing rocky peaks and crags, in search of Aoudad, or Barbary sheep. Chihuahua is an unspoiled sportsmans paradise, with low pressure, and vast country, resulting in big rams and big Coues deer.

Available Hunts
  • Coues Deer
  • Mule Deer
  • Gould’s Turkey
  • Aoudad
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Crossing The Border

Crossing the International border into Mexico with firearms can be a nerve-racking ordeal. Fortunately, all of our International hunts include being fully escorted through the border crossing process. We do this dozens of times each year, know exactly where to go, what to do, and what to say to ensure a safe and problem free crossing while checking in your firearm.

When it’s time to return, we offer the same escort, and guarantee the necessary paperwork and preparation to cross your trophy back to the United States.

A valid Passport or Passport Card is required for re-entry to the United States.

Safety in Mexico

Safety while south of the border is our primary concern. All of our international hunts are on vast private ranches behind locked gates. And while all hunting trips are inherently dangerous, the political situation in Mexico makes these more so. For that reason, we spend as little time in public places as possible, and do not cater to “optional” entertainment requests, either in town or at the ranch while there.

The hunt is our only focus, and you should come prepared to hunt trophy class animals, not to party.

Hunt and Booking Information

All hunts include lodging and food, guide fees and scouting for your specific trip. Airfare to Arizona and Guide tips are not included in the hunt price.

For specific information, including hunt prices, contact us via phone at: (520) 820-4728

Or via email using our contact page.