Coues Deer

At Borderland Adventures, hunting Coues Whitetail Deer is our specialty.

Our hunts are a comprehensive, educational Coues deer hunting experiences. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the species, their habitat, biology, and the flora and fauna of Coues deer country.

Coues deer hunts are unlike any other type of hunt you will experience in North America. You’ll utilize high powered binoculars to locate these diminutive deer at great distances. You’ll execute stalks over extreme terrain and go places most can only imagine. And when it all comes together, you’ll have taken one of North America’s most challenging game animals.

In Arizona, Coues deer inhabit the “sky-island” mountain ranges of south-eastern Arizona and in pockets along the Mogollon Rim of central Arizona. In New Mexico they are found in the western portion of the state. In Mexico, the deer can be found from the desert bottom and along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, all the way to top of 8,000 foot peaks.

We typically look for Coues deer in elevations above 4000 feet, though great bucks can increasingly be found along the desert floor. The Coues deer’s small size and grey hair make them excellent at slipping detection from even the most seasoned hunters. Excellent optics and careful glassing are important for finding and hunting this diminutive deer.

Come prepared to shoot your rifle at ranges up to 500 yards for the best opportunity to harvest this species. These hunts are typically physically challenging and require hunters to be in adequate physical condition. However, we can accommodate hunters of all physical abilities and skill levels.

Hunts Take Place In:
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Mexico
Hunt Opportunities:
  • Archery (over-the-counter)
  • Rifle (draw or landowner tag)
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Hunt and Booking Information

All hunts include lodging and food, guide fees and scouting for your specific trip. Mexico hunts include all licensing and tags. Arizona and New Mexico hunts do NOT include state license and tag fees. Airfare to Arizona and Guide tips are not included in the hunt price.

For specific information, including hunt prices, contact us via phone at: (520) 820-4728

Or via email using our contact page.