Big Game Hunting in Arizona

Arizona has many hunting opportunities for an array of indigenous species; and many of those hunts have excellent odds for a harvest. Most of the best hunts are available through Arizona’s lottery draw system. Permits for popular units are limited, and the applications are highly competitive. But many less popular units are easier to draw permits in, and still provide outstanding opportunity on excellent trophy class animals. If you’d like to hunt Arizona, it’s essential that you contact us early so we can assess your needs and situation, and guide you through the application process.

We hunt Arizona’s elk along the Mogollon Rim, to Northwestern Arizona. Tags are difficult to come by, but these elk hunts are second to none. Let us guide your through the process, from application, to pack out. We’ve hunted elk for over 30 years in Arizona and know what it takes to show you the hunt of lifetime.

We hunt Coues deer throughout the state of Arizona, but specialize in Central and Northern Arizona Coues Deer hunts. We offer many 100% draw or easy to draw rifle hunts and Over-the-counter archery hunts, up to hunts that require 7 or more bonus points.

Archery opportunities are in late August though early September and again in the later half of December through the end of January.

We offer Mule Deer hunts in Central Arizona as well. Rifle tags can take a couple of bonus points to draw, and all archery is over-the-counter.

Arizona’s Pronghorn Antelope hunting is second to none. The draw odds reflect that, and it can take many years to acquire a tag. If you’ve drawn a tag, or would like to discuss your application strategy, give us a call anytime. If you’d like to avoid the draw system, and hunt big antelope, see our NM Pronghorn hunt page.

Arizona’s Spring Turkey tags are only available by draw, which takes place in early October. Arizona has 3 species of Turkey, the Merriams, Gould’s, and Rio Grande. We offer Central and Northern Arizona hunts for Merriams Turkey, and Southern Arizona hunts for Gould’s turkey. Gould’s turkey tags are difficult a to draw, and can take many years, consult with us for our favorite units. If you’d like to avoid the draw, we offer premium Gould’s Turkey hunting in Mexico also.

Available Hunts
  • Coues Deer
  • Elk
  • Mule Deer
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Merriam’s and Gould’s Turkey
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Arizona’s Draw System

Because the best hunts in Arizona require a hunt permit awarded through a lottery draw system, early planning for one of these hunts is a must. Contact us to develop an application strategy based on your wants and accumulated bonus points.

Despite the difficulty of drawing a premium tag, don’t be discouraged. there are many excellent hunt opportunities that can be drawn with few to no bonus points – and many over-the-counter non-permit and leftover permit hunts.

Application Deadlines

Elk and antelope applications are due in early February. Hunts take place August through November.

Deer and sheep applications are due in June. Hunts start in late October.

Spring Turkey and bear applications are due in October.

Hunt and Booking Information

All hunts include lodging and food, guide fees and scouting for your specific trip. Airfare to Arizona and Guide tips are not included in the hunt price.

For specific information, including hunt prices, contact us via phone at: (520) 820-4728

Or via email using our contact page.